Jared Gardner

Jared Gardner is a professor of American literature, film and popular culture in the English Department and the Film Studies program, as well as director of the Popular Culture Studies program.

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March 23, 2011
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The Popular Culture Studies Minor is intended for students interested in developing an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Popular Culture. The goal of the Interdisciplinary Minor in Popular Culture Studies is to provide tools for undergraduates to build bridges between the popular, public, and material cultures of their daily lives and the cultures that are the traditional objects of study of the University.

The Minor in Interdisciplinary Popular Culture Studies will connect the complementing individual department resources, providing interested students with a unique program for the study historical and global popular culture, and offering a wide array of research tools, theoretical frameworks, methodologies, and intellectual foundations with which to approach this dynamic field of study.

Visit this website for information about the Popular Culture Studies Minor, about courses in the Minor, and about popular culture studies events on campus.

Prof. Jared Gardner, Coordinator
Interdisciplinary Popular Culture Studies Minor



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