Marjorie Chan

Marjorie Chan

Marjorie Chan

Associate Professor

398 Hagerty Hall

Areas of Expertise

  • Chinese linguistics
  • Linguistic study of humor; language and gender; language and


  • PhD, University of Washington
  • BA & MA, University of British Columbia

Marjorie K.M. Chan is Associate Professor of Chinese Linguistics in the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Linguistics, and Director of the Institute for Chinese Studies, East Asian Studies Center, Office of International Affairs at The Ohio State University. Her research area is Chinese linguistics, with focus on phonetics, phonology (synchronic and diachronic), and dialectology. Publications include linguistic articles on humor, language-music interaction, and language and gender, that utilize as sources Cantonese operas and early (post-WWII) Cantopop songs. Her research interest and publications also extends to studies on early written Cantonese materials, including ballads and opera scripts. She regularly teaches the upper-undergraduate/graduate-level course on Chinese opera, which covers stagecraft, performance, costumes, stories, etc., of Peking opera, Kunqu, as well as regional operas that use the local dialect. She has also taught the undergraduate GEC course on traditional Chinese culture.